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Serving is a great way to grow your relationship with God, show God’s love to others, and help further Crossroads’ mission. 


Weekly Update Team

We are looking for a third person to round out our weekly update team. This team is responsible for curating the content that goes into the weekly update email each week and preparing and scheduling the email via MailChimp.

Location: Home

Time Requirement: 30-45 minutes, once every three weeks

Contact: Stacey Zarling - 

Service Production Team

The service production team is responsible for the audio, visual, and online components of the worship service. Right now, this is primarily just managing the live stream of the service to YouTube and Facebook, but we are looking for folks with ideas to improve the service experience as well.


Location: Crossroads Ministry Center

Time Requirement: Arrive 30 minutes early on Sundays to set up equipment. Monitor the production during the service. Once or twice a month

Contact: Darby Frey -  


Worship Folder Team

Worship folder preparation entails updating a Google Doc template with the current week’s Scripture texts and sermon theme (provided by the Pastor/lectionary), hymns (provided by the music coordinator), and weekly announcements (provided by the Leader Team) and editing to fit the worship folder format. The edited version is converted to a PDF document and saved to a Google Drive so that it can be printed on Sunday morning at the Ministry Center.


Location: Home

Time Requirement: Approx. 1-2 hours, once or twice a month

Contact: Stacey Zarling - 

Ministry Center Cleaning

Have an hour to spare? We could always use some help keeping the Ministry Center tidy. Work entailed is not too strenuous, just some sweeping, vacuuming, and ensuring that the kitchen and bathroom spaces are clean and usable. (There is a checklist in the kitchen that can be used if you're unsure what to do). Best of all, this can be done whenever is convenient for you! Just contact Darby Frey, and he'll make sure you receive a key or can otherwise gain access to the Ministry Center at the time you choose.


Location: Crossroads Ministry Center

Time Requirement: 1 Hour

Contact: Darby Frey -  


Sunday School Teacher

One primary way Crossroads can support our families with children is to offer Sunday School. We are looking for anyone who is interested in teaching Sunday School class at least once a month. They will work in conjunction with our current Sunday School teacher to develop and lead the classes, which take place on the first and third Sundays of each month during the worship service. The time commitment for this role is estimated to be approximately 3 hours per month, including preparation and teaching time. If you are interested in being part of a fun program and teaching some great kids who are interested in learning about Jesus, please contact Kristin Seeger!


Location: Crossroads Ministry Center

Time Requirement: Approx. 3 hours per month

Contact: Kristin Seeger - 

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